Singularity - OUT NOW!!!



EVYLTYDE are thrilled to announce they will be joining the seminal all-girl rock group Girlschool on their first headline UK tour in a decade.


Two years after their last release EVYLTYDE are excited to announce the release of their 3rd full length album - 'Singularity'. As part of the release EVYLTYDE will be main support for hard rock/metal favourites Alcatrazz on their latest UK and European tour.


EVYLTYDE are celebrating their 5th anniversary with a UK tour and special London show - EVYLFEST - bringing together many bands they have performed with over the years with a special appearance by symphonic metallers Aria Tempora. The tour will see EVYLTYDE return to Glasgow for their first show there since performing with Graham Bonnet Band back in 2016.

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EVYLTYDE are one of the United Kingdom's fastest rising metal acts combining powerful, melodic vocals with hard-hitting, edgy guitar riffs that create a unique and distinctive sound that melds numerous metal genres from thrash to gothic. EVYLTYDE bring a range of musical influences together that refuse to be pigeon-holed and blurs the boundary of what is considered modern metal.

The group was established in August 2013 by Danny Merton (guitars) and Hannah Delany (vocals) after they met while auditioning for another band. Soon after they released their first single - “Fight To Be Free” - a homage of sorts to classic British metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and by early 2014 the band was on the road.

Later, in July 2014 EVYLTYDE released their second single “Killer”, the video for which has received almost 12,000 views on YouTube and was a popular showcase on a number of UK and international radio shows.

With a number of drummer changes in the first half of 2014, the band released their third single “Skin Deep” that October as a free download and then in early 2015 they released their self-titled debut album to outstanding reviews including an 8/10 from the UK’s POWERPLAY magazine.

In August 2016 a new era for EVYLTYDE was ushered in with the addition of two new members and by September 2016, EVYLTYDE had released their next single - “Bullet In The Head” - which still proves to be a crowd favourite at their live shows.

After a number of short UK tours EVYLTYDE returned to the studio in January 2017 to record their follow-up album “Rising” which was released worldwide in March the same year. The music video from their single “Eye For An Eye” being their most-played video reaching over 22,000 views.

Now, with the release of their third full length album - "Singularity" - EVYLTYDE have cemented their place in the UK and European metal scene.

With over 190 shows under their belt in their 6 year history, taking them to every part of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) plus 8 countries across Europe including Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and France, EVYLTYDE are well-known for their consistent hard work and great live performances.


UK Tour (16 dates) with Graham Bonnet Band (USA) - February 2016
UK/Sweden Tour with Nocean (SWE) - April 2016
UK Tour with David Reece (Accept/Bangalore Choir/Bonfire) - September 2016
UK Tour with Berserker (LT) - November 2016
UK Tour with Temperance (IT) - April 2017
Evyltyde ‘Rising’ UK/Europe Tour (11 dates) - April 2017
UK Tour with Graham Bonnet Band (USA) - July 2017
UK Tour with Selfmachine (NL) - August 2017
UK Tour with Graham Bonnet Band (USA) - November 2017
Evyltyde Spring Tour UK/Europe (14 dates) – April/May 2018
Evyltyde 5th Anniversary UK Tour (12 dates) - October 2018
UK/EU Tour (19 dates) with Alcatrazz (USA) - September/October 2019
UK Tour with Girlschool (UK) - February 2020


Seven Sins Festival, Wales 2016
Redrock Festival, London 2016
Ilfracombe Rocks, United Kingdom 2017
Darker Days Festival, Leicester 2018
Tribute To Wizz Fest, Belgium 2018
Rock & Bike Festival, United Kingdom 2018
SOS Festival, United Kingdom 2018
Ilfracombe Rocks, United Kingdom 2018
Girlz Rawk!™ Weekender, United Kingdom 2019
Ilfracombe Rocks, United Kingdom 2019
Hard Rock Hell XIII, United Kingdom 2019
Girlz Rawk!™ Weekender, United Kingdom 2020