a. All offers including but not limited to event entry, event tickets, website access and content, merchandise, music (be it via digital or physical means) and any printed publications are limited by availablity. Though we will do our best to provide such offers, we in no way guarantee or imply that all offers will be availble to all fan club members.

b. Fan club members must have a current paid subscription in order to receive any benefits or offers provided by the Fan Club.

c. All Fan Club members will be notified by email about the terms and schedule of their membership.

d. EVYLTYDE and the Fan Club reserve the right to ammend these terms and conditions at any time. Fan Club members will be notified by email of any changes to the terms and conditions of their membership.

e. All items sent to Fan Club members will posted via Royal Mail 2nd Class Post or International Mail. All items are sent in good faith and EVYLTYDE accepts no responsibility for the failure of items to arrive due to postal issues. In the event of non-receipt of items, EVYLTYDE reserves the right to replace the missing items at it's own discretion.


a. Guestlist entry is only available to members after two (2) consecutive months of Fan Club membership, however some discounted tickets may still be purchasable.

b. Guestlist entry will be made available to fan club members for any performance in which EVYLTYDE is the main performing artist and is featured at the top of the billing (the headliner). Access all areas (AAA) passes will be given to fan club members at venues where these are available. EVYLTYDE does not warrant or imply that backstage access will be available at every performance and is subject to promoter and venue clearance.

c. At performances where EVYLTYDE are not the primary performer, the Fan Club will do it's best to arrange discounted tickets for club members, however this may not be possible on every occasion. Offers of discounted tickets for these shows is at the discretion of the promoters and the venues at which the performance is being held and is out of the Fan Club's control.

d. For the purposes of clarity, all major performances including but not limited to support shows with major recording artists and/or festival events are excluded unless otherwise offered.


a. Access and use of the Fan Club website is provided as is and no warranty or guarantee of access and use is given or implied. Material provided in the Fan Club area is for personal use only and may not be distributed, shared or otherwise disseminated without the express permission of EVYLTYDE.


a. As part of your Fan Club subscription you will receive items by post and/or digital download on a quarterly basis (every 3 calendar months) or as near to as possible. EVYLTYDE reserves the right to modify, change or otherwise move the date of release of these items in accordance with, but not limited to the bands current workload and touring schedule as well as to allow the date to coincide with varing tour and music release schedules. Regardless of the actual release date of individual items you will still receive four (4) items each calendar year.

b. While we will make every effort to send items of clothing in as close as possible the preferred size that was given during your registration, this may not always be possible. EVYLTYDE reserves the right to substitute a size as close as possible to the one requested should that size not be available. EVYLTYDE accepts no responsibility for the fit or suitability of any items sent to you as a member of the Fan Club. You can choose to change your preferred clothing size at anytime by notifying us in writing by email. Any change to a preferred size will not be considered as enacted until you receive written confirmation from the Fan Club.

c. In the case of digital only music releases these will only be available to Fan Club members in a digital format (in most cases 320k MP3).

d. In case of multi-format releases (digital, compact disc, vinyl) Fan Club members will receive these releases as compact discs (CD) but may also be offered other formats on a release by release basis, which may incur a surcharge.

e. Merchandise and music release are only available to members after two (2) consecutive months of Fan Club membership, except in the case of introductory offers which may vary from time to time.


a. The EVYLTYDE FANZINE is printed 'as is' and EVYLTYDE nor the Fan Club take any responsibility for the suitability of content for minors or persons easily offended. The opinions printed within the publication are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of EVYLTYDE or the Fan Club.

b. While we will make every effort to provide a 'family friendly' publication, sometimes this may not be the case and we strongly advise that Fan Club members make their own decisions about who may have access to the EVYLTYDE FANZINE.

c. The EVYLTYDE FANZINE may vary in size and scope from time-to-time in accordance with the availability of content. No guarantee of size or number of pages is given or implied.

d. Fan Club members will receive four (4) fanzine publications per calendar year persuant with clause 4a. above.